What are the dates of the 2013 Bahamas Speed Week Revival?

The main part of the event runs from Wednesday 4 December through Sunday 8 December but we intend to run other peripheral events running from the previous weekend, attendance at which will be complimentary for any Speed Week Entrants already on the island at that time.

What cars are eligible for Speed Week?

Sports/GT Racers from the original Speed Week period (1954-1966) capable of running in a Tour Auto-type event; Classic/Vintage cars from 1954 onwards; Modern-day Supercars; And, new for 2013 – Pre-War Cars plus Formula Juniors and Classic/Vintage Minis. The latter two categories will be racing and the capacity for each is a maximum of 12.

Will I need to complete any formalities before the start of the event?

You will need to sign on, collect your passes and tickets for the week and attend a compulsory briefing on the evening of Tuesday 3 December.

Where does the Bahamas Speed Week Revival take place?

The event is centered on the Bahamian capital of Nassau on Nassau Paradise Island – one of the 700+ islands and cays of the beautiful and diverse archipelago that forms the Bahamas.

What does the entry fee include?

Your entry fee includes the shipping of your car from either the UK or the USA, local registration for your car for the duration of the event so it can legally be driven on the road (by special dispensation of the Government), a pair of heritage-style number plates, entry to each and every the element of Speed Week and all on-event hospitality for TWO people.

Is marine insurance included in the entry fee?

Due to the huge variation in car values, it is not practical for us to include marine insurance in the entry fee. However, for UK Entrants we do have a ‘tame’ broker who will be able to assist you and we are working on appointing a similar contact in the USA.

Is my hotel included in my entry fee?

We are offering Team Captains for our Transatlantic Challenge up to 10 nights* accommodation as a ‘thank you’ for their assistance in recruiting and administering their Team and have negotiated very preferential room rates for all other Entrants. (*10 nights is over and above the length of stay required to participate in Speed Week but we are providing additional nights in order to provide the opportunity to experience more of the beautiful Bahamas at leisure.)

How do I become a Team Captain?

Please register your interest with our Entrant Coordinator, Carol Mason via email carol@bahamasspeedweek.com

Is my flight included in my entry fee?

The inclusion of flights is impractical owing to the huge diversity of flight requirements for Entrants flying in from across the globe.

UK Specific: How and when will my car be shipped from the UK?

Cars will provisionally be shipped out of Felixstowe mid-late October, returning to the UK mid-January 2014 and will be loaded/unloaded into containers at a location remote from the docks (location TBD).

USA Specific: How and when will my car be shipped from the USA?

We have exclusively chartered a roll-on, roll-off ferry to bring our cars from West Palm Beach directly into Nassau, provisionally departing WPB on Sunday 1 December for an overnight crossing, returning to WPB on Tuesday 10 December.

USA Specific: If I am bringing my car from the USA, can I bring it on a trailer?

Yes, we will have the facility to tow your trailer on and off the ship and to tow it from the docks in Nassau to our secure Race Car Paddock. Please be aware that, due to limited space, we are only able to accommodate one single trailer per car. Multi-car trailers/transporters can be accommodated provided they are fully-utilized and the Orgnaisers may be able to put you in touch with other Entrants in order to facilitate this.

USA Specific: If I am unable to bring my car to the docks personally, do you have details of a company that could deliver it for me?

Yes, we have a partnership with a respected transport company who will not only take good care of your car but also provide Speed Week Entrants with a discount on their advertised rates – please contact us for the relevant contact.

USA Specific: Is there somewhere I can leave my car if I’m unable to deliver it to the docks at West Palm Beach on the day of departure?

Yes, a secure compound can be made available by prior arrangement.

USA Specific: Will I have to collect my car from the docks at West Palm Beach on the day it returns from Nassau?

No, your car can be left in a secure compound for a couple of days by prior arrangement.

USA Specific: Can I travel on-board the ship with my car?

There are no cabins on the ship, only seats with fixed armrests, which makes them impractical to sleep in. The only passengers who travel with the cars therefore tend to be truckies who have sleeping accommodation in their cabs.

USA Specific: What catering facilities are there on the ship?

Passengers will eat with the ship’s crew.

USA Specific: Do I need to be there to meet my car at the docks in Nassau?

No, we will bring your car from the docks to our secure Race Car Paddock and return it there after the event.

Will there be any racing?

Yes, for the first time at the Revival, we will be running 12 car grids for Formula Juniors and Minis.

What other forms of competition will there be?

For those who are not racing, there will be the opportunity to compete for trophies in a Hillclimb and a Pursuit Sprint. There will also be a prestigious Concours d’Elegance.

Do I have to be timed?

No, as the emphasis of our event is enjoyment, timing is not compulsory and you can drive on the Circuit and the Hillclimb course without being timed if you prefer.

Will I need a competition licence?

If you are taking part in a race, you will need the relevant race licence issued by your country’s motorsport authority. You will not need anything other than a current road driving licence to take part in any other elements of our event

What safety equipment will I need?

For racing, a current specification helmet and race overalls are compulsory. If you are being timed on the Hillclimb and the Sprint course, a crash helmet is compulsory and race overalls are recommended. If overalls are not worn, arms and legs must be covered and closed shoes must be worn. Those not being timed do not need to wear any special clothing.

Can I take a passenger in my car?

Yes, as the event is designed to be fully-inclusive, you may take a passenger at any time, even if you are being timed (but obviously not when you are taking part in a race). If you are being timed, you may only take one passenger, who must also be equipped with the relevant safety gear.