Shell: Sun Oil joins as sponsors

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Shell: Sun Oil joins as sponsors

Nassau, Bahamas – During Bahamas Speed Week Revival, scheduled to run November 30 to December 4, seventy to eighty of the world’s most powerful race cars will be powered by Sun Oil Ltd, as the licensee of the Shell brands of quality fuels and lubricants in The Bahamas and Turks & Caicos.

Sun Oil Ltd, a Bahamian company has become a partner of Speed Week and will be throwing its considerable support behind the revival of a series of events, which held great prestige in the racing world of the 1960s. Speed Week of that era drew drivers and spectators from around the world, and was accounted a prime attraction for Bahamas tourism. The return of Speed Week promises to be as high profile; it has attracted the patronage and participation of no less a personage than racing great Sir Stirling Moss, the hero of the circuit in the 1960s.

Dexter Adderley, the General Manager, Sun Oil Ltd spoke of the company’s pleasure in lending support to the revival of Speed Week. “We are very pleased and excited to be a part of this historic Bahamas Speed Week revival,” he said. “We are very pleased, once again, that the cars are going to be powered by Shell quality fuels. We’re excited and we wish Bahamas Speed Week revival team the best success in this event,” Adderley said.

Jimmie Lowe, President, Bahamas Speed Week Revival welcomed the participation of Sun Oil, emphasizing the Bahamian nature of the whole initiative. He said that Speed Week is one of the few events in The Bahamas that is a Bahamian event. “We are a pure Bahamian event…We are very, very happy and thrilled about getting it back and of course to have the fuel supplied by Shell (Sun Oil Ltd.) and so we want to thank them this morning for their kind generosity in being a sponsor with us.”

Lowe also provided a background to the upcoming five days of activities. “This year marks 45 years since the Speed Weeks have been back in Nassau. We’re glad to have Sun Oil Ltd, Shell licensee, on board with us as a fuel choice of Speed Week. Speed Week started back in the 50s and 60s and this year will mark some of the iconic cars and race drivers coming back. Sir Stirling Moss will be back this year—he drove in the 50s and 60s during the event at that time,” Lowe commented.

Outlining the main events of the Speed Week programme, he said, “We’ll have two competitive components to the event. One is the Hill Climb at Fort Charlotte starting on Bay Street by the Cricket Club ending up on top of the fort and the second one will be a sprint in and around Arawak Cay… These will take place on the Saturday and Sunday, December 3rd and 4th, so we invite everybody to come out and be a part of it in and around the historic Fish Fry and Fort Charlotte.

Clinton Rolle, Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Sun Oil Ltd drew attention to the fact that Shell came to The Bahamas when Speed Week was in its heyday. To celebrate this connection, Sun Oil will open its premier location near the Lynden Pindling International Airport.

“Sun Oil Ltd, under the aegis of Shell, has been in the Bahamas 50 years. We have 15 retail locations opened presently and during the Speed Week we will be opening our latest retail site at the Airport and we are very excited that this tour is actually going to be stopping by the airport location, where all of the drivers will be there on site to greet our customers and be able to see the cars. It’s a very exciting time here for us at Sun Oil… Our association with Speed Week is only a testament to the high quality fuels we provide here on our island,” Rolle said.

Jimmie Lowe emphasized the opportunity for the public’s interaction with the race car drivers that the opening of Sun Oil’s new location will offer. “On that day the 007 Island Tour of Speed Week will actually bring all of our iconic cars down to your new site. This is an opportunity for people to come out and see what good fuel does with these racing cars. People will be able to mingle with the drivers, touch the cars and be involved with it.” He added, “The cars will leave Arawak Cay, touring the island and ending up at the Sun Oil Shell, the new airport station. I just passed down there recently and it’s looking rather smart, so congratulations to you guys and we are very pleased to be a part of it for your opening.”

Dexter Adderley called the connection with Speed Week Revival “perfect”. “We see it as a perfect union, we are looking forward to some great events and we wish the entire public to benefit and enjoy the time with this event,” he said.

His colleague agreed. “We are really excited to be a part of Speed Week. We think this is an excellent match between Sun Oil and the the Speed Week programme. We have quality fuels, and as our general manager has alluded to, we are always here to support big events in The Bahamas. We are a very civic-minded company, and we are a local company. We are proud to support what we believe will be a very successful, all-Bahamian venture,” Rolle said.