We’re coming back for more!

2011 entrants Mike & Dawn Fisher share their experiences of last year’s inaugural Bahamas Speed Week Revival with their 1959 Boxcar XP-5 and explain why they’ll be coming back this year!

A small notice in a major vintage race publication caught my attention – it was The Bahamas Speed Week Revival. I had, for many years, followed the races there in the glory days and knowing that it had long been out of circulation I wanted to find out what was up as we had a car that had some history of running in the event in 1959.

It did not take long to get some answers once I contacted Carol as she was full of excitement and had a program well on its way. Our concern was the possibility that this event may struggle getting entries but the powers that be continued to keep us posted and we proceeded to look forward to a new adventure.

Mike & Dawn Fisher with their 1959 Boxcar XP-5 at the 2011 Bahamas Speed Week Revival

Mike & Dawn Fisher with their 1959 Boxcar XP-5 at the 2011 Bahamas Speed Week Revival

Logistics were never a problem as BSWR continued to provide all the info and measures needed for us to feel it was going to be a fantastic event. Once our 1959 Boxcar XP-5 arrived in West Palm and cleared customs we were on the ferry and heading for a great week ahead. Offloading started the juices as the reception was incredible! We were greeted very warmly by the country and our BSWR host. Once settled in, the event was a mix of social happenings of the highest order.

The schedule had us on the move with everything going off like clockwork! We knew this was not going to be a full racing event as there is no longer a track on Nassau. However, the cars were the stars and even though the US entries were no match in numbers for those from the UK it was a great turnout of various racers in period correct cars as well as many Island locals who brought out their old and newer cars to add to the festivities. After a few days of shows, drives and wonderful meals we were treated to a small road course of timed runs along the beautiful water front, including a hill climb up to the beautiful views from the Fort, which made it all the more enjoyable!

In the end it was everything and more than Dawn and I were hoping for! A wonderful vacation, wonderful new friends and a renewed introduction to the wonderful people of Nassau and the Bahamas.

Our hats off to Team BSWR – David, Carol and all the hard-working team did such a fantastic job of pulling this off. We are looking forward to our 2012 visit and hope that it will build back into the International Calendar event intended! The vision is to build a track and make this event reclaim its once proud stature. The building blocks are there and we wish the best for the efforts both past, present, and future!

Mike & Dawn Fisher (1959 Boxcar XP-5)